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How to REMOVE all Bar Backgounds, Checkbox...

08 Aug 2017 19:18 #952 by cUcMe
Thanks for a cool Module, I just need some Modifications:
I currently have a Joomla Banner Module & Helix3 Framework-Template (& actually an AddOn Module that is a Banner Slider) that is positioning NEAR the bottom of Screen (as close as I could get to bottom).
I need the Banner to stay as a Sticky Footer at Bottom.

Now... After Installing & using your FixedBottomBar:
1)My Banner is appearing in its previous position AND it is ALSO appearing in your Module...
but in your Module it is in the correct vertical position FlushBottom-FooterStyle; 2) it is not Flushed Left; 3)with a Checkbox & BlueBar background; & 4) a White background behind my Banner.

Please tell me How To:
-REMOVE FixedBottomBar Background
-REMOVE Checkbox & its BlueBackgroundbar
-FLUSH my Banner Left (inside your module)
-REMOVE (dont show) my old Banner, simultaneously at its Old position on screen

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09 Aug 2017 07:30 #953 by admin
Do you have a live site? Can I see the problem?

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