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Do you work on creative web design projects and need a source of inspiration for your new artworks? Do you launch blogs and eCommerce sites for your clients and need a reliable source of ready-made web themes, graphics, and other elements? One by TemplateMonster includes all that you need and even more!


ONE is the ultimate subscription that offers an ever-growing collection of premium and free web designs, graphics, presentation templates, audio and video files, etc. The subscription service will come in handy to everyone related to web design and web development, as well as marketing specialists. Are those Joomla templates, WordPress themes, or eCommerce projects that you commonly work with? In the collection of digital items featured in ONE, you will find ready-made solutions for all topics and purposes.


Subscribing to ONE, you get access to the collection of the best web design items featured in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace and new products that authors developed to be included in ONE exclusively.

ONE subscription provides you with unlimited access to all web design assets available in the service and those projects that authors will upload in the future (for as long as your subscription plan is valid). While paying for the yearly or lifetime subscription plan, you may forget about any limitations on the number of downloads and installation of your preferred web design assets on as many domains as you wish.


Everyone interested in building sites with Joomla will appreciate the impressive collection of Joomla themes featuring about 600 items matching all topics and purposes. The collection also features themes from such top-performing authors in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace as JoomlaTema. They let you choose stunning graphic designs and presentation templates uploaded in the subscription service besides CMS themes. You will be pleased to find out that ONE by TemplateMonster contains top-notch web designs matching the latest web design trends and matching all styles that you may think of. Simply apply smart filters and download what you want.




High-Quality Items Matching All Needs

ONE by TemplateMonster includes products matching all types of CMS and eCommerce platforms that you use for your web design projects. There is a range of best-selling themes that are in demand in the marketplace. However, ONE is more cost-effective if you launch dozens of web projects weekly or monthly. You may get yearly access to 31000+ web design assets at the price of one average premium theme! The rewards do not end here. We’ll pay more attention to highlighting the benefits of ONE by TemplateMonster later on in this post.


Besides impressive collections of web themes, ONE includes stunning graphics, which have such items as certificate templates, web fonts, PowerPoint presentations, Google Slide templates, etc. There are also collections of themes for presentations, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, VirtueMart, newsletter, admin interfaces, etc. ONE by TemplateMonster provides you with unlimited downloads of audio and video files for your web projects. There is an impressive choice of graphics that keeps on expanding with new cool illustrations, mockups, and patterns. 


Let’s Speak Numbers

Unlike downloading web design items in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace, with ONE you won’t be charged every time you download a new product. All items that are featured in the ONE by TemplateMonster are available under the Unlimited Yearly license. It means that you may download as many items as you wish and install them on multiple domains without paying any extra charges. You get access to the entire collection of premium and free web design items for as long as you have a valid subscription.


ONE is available for free and premium access. As the name suggests, Free-all-items subscription provides you with unlimited access to all freebies featured in the collection. At the moment, there are 150+ free items matching such categories as graphics, presentation templates, HTML templates, WordPress samples, and audio files.

There are also three premium subscription plans that you may choose from:

  • Creative - worth $82/year - the ultimate choice for creative graphic designers working with graphic and design assets, presentation, audio, and video files.
  • All-in-one - $179/year - the best choice for web designers and web developers looking for high-quality web themes suited for multiple web platforms and CMS projects.
  • All-in-one lifetime - $599 - provides you with unlimited lifetime access to the growing collection of items included in the ONE.


What Benefits You Get with ONE by TemplateMonster

ONE by TemplateMonster provides many rewards to its subscribers, which include:

  • 24/7 professional technical support is always ready to help with any issues you might have with the selected items from the subscription service. Using your personal profile, you can also submit a ticket to the authors whose web design items you’ve downloaded or their representatives. The premium support for every item from the subscription is delivered six months after you downloaded a product.
  • Order additional services. Besides the impressive collection of web design items, ONE by TemplateMonster includes a list of extra services that you can order to get your website up and running without applying much effort. The services include server maintenance and SEO improvement, speed optimization, etc.
  • Regular updates. Releasing regular updates for their digital items is one of the key rules that all authors in the marketplace should follow. ONE Membership is not an exception. While subscribing to the service, you will get frequent updates for all products that you download. Even when your subscription expires, the items that you install on your site will be updated as well.
  • Cancel anytime. In case you subscribe to ONE and do not download anything from the subscription service within 14 days after the day of purchase, you can get your money back.


Make Money with ONE Affiliate Program

In addition to using the ultimate collection of high-quality web design items from ONE, you can also generate more revenue while promoting the subscription service. ONE Affiliate Program welcomes everyone to join and each as much as 30% from every sale that your leads make. Every order placed by a returning user will bring you 10% revenue. Promoting ONE is more cost-effective than collecting commissions from the sales of retail products. However, you may hit two birds with one stone and multiple your earnings while promoting ONE along with regular web design items from the TemplateMonster marketplace.


Bottom Line

One by TemplateMonster is a must-have service for every web designer, web developer, marketing specialist, and everyone else who works in the web design field. It’s a beneficial service that delivers unlimited access to the growing collections of premium and free web design assets matching all topics and purposes. It not only offers ready-made themes, but all that you need for the promotion, customization, and functional improvement of your venture. Simply order the subscription or access the collection of freebies with no extra fees.


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TemplateMonster Marketplace is an excellent platform that gathers aspiring developers, designers, and studios from all over the world. Many of their names have already become popular for a wide customer reach. It is a beneficial place for people who are only starting to sell their digital products. In addition to this, experienced ones can also join the marketplace to get an impressive boost in sales. We understand that it is not enough to give you the general idea to assure you of being an author. Let us forget about a general outline and speak about all the benefits.

First of all, the TemplateMonster audience counts more than two million visitors per month. As you can understand, there is a big chance that these users will notice your products.
Furthermore, your previous customers can compliment you on the work done. In other words, other people are going to realize that your assortment deserves your attention.
You do not need to worry if you have some questions in the beginning. There are multiple ways to get assistance. These include a personal manager, a large community, and helpful guides.
After getting a review on the product, you can start improving your skills. Professionals can indicate some aspects that you need to refine.

TemplateMonster Marketplace focuses on different highly-demanded product types. For this reason, you can sell the following digital items on this resource:
website templates for such platforms as WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, OpenCart, Magento, and PrestaShop;
HTML, Bootstrap, and admin templates;
WordPress plugins, Prestashop modules, Magento extensions, JavaScript elements;
presentation templates for PowerPoint, KeyNote, and Google Slides;
graphic items, including logo design, fonts, CV templates, certifications, illustrations, and many others.

If you are ready to submit your assortment of products to the marketplace, we should look through the application process.
Create and verify your user account on TemplateMonster.
Click on the “Become an Author” tab in your account.
Set the name that all your customers are going to see on your Author’s Page.
Then, upload your project archive and write the required product details.
Submit it for review. If your product meets the general requirements, you will see its newly-created page in the marketplace.

TemplateMonster Marketplace does not forget about additional ways to increase your earnings. As an example, you can draw attention to the following ones:
adding your products to ONE Subscription;
speaking about them on your personal resource or social media networks;
opting for the most appropriate keywords and product name;
selling items only on the TemplateMonster Marketplace that allows you to earn more;
providing your potential clients with some attractive discounts.

Join TemplateMonster Marketplace and pave your way to the highest positions among its authors!

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It seems to us that there is no need to speak a lot about Joomla’s benefits. All of us know that it is an open-source and free platform that has already established its position among different platforms. It is also a multilingual CMS that provides a high number of extensions for various purposes. Actually, we have promised not to mention all the advantages again.


However, the number of people in the Joomla community is growing. For this reason, web-developers decide to come up with more templates for Joomla. Today, we gathered a small collection of ready-made solutions designed for different niches.


By the way, it is impossible to share these high-quality templates without congratulating TemplateMonster with its 18th birthday. It throws a party that invites everyone to buy the most desired digital items with up to -50% discounts. On July 15-21, get ready to crack open a bottle of beer and celebrate the big birthday with grabbing some monstrous products.


Now, let us present ten templates for Joomla that we consider to be perfect.

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While developing a Joomla Template I needed lighter and darker border colors of menu items. Border colors should have been darker and lighter version of background color. Based on this thread I have tried and used successfully php to lighten and darken colors. The main php code is below. The key point is using 255 and 0 in php functions to lighten and darken colors.

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Headline JT3

Headline JT3 Module reads content and articles from Joomla and K2 category and shows them at frontend as a Slider with little bottom thumbnails. 


Iconic Sticky Panel


Iconic Sticky Panel has been developed by Joomlatema.Net and enables you to publish little icons on left or right side of your page refer to Joomla Modules.


Fixed Bottom Bar JT Free


Fixed Bottom  Bar JT Module is a bottom fixed Toolbar which shows a solid bar at the bottom of your site. You can add Joomla Modules up to six modules horizontally aligned.


Custom Templates can create custom joomla templates from scratch or by converting an image file or PSD that you have. Just choose your way and get inspired then we create an elegant joomla template for you...





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