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Headline JT2 Module is a commercial extension developed byJoomlatema.Net. Module reads content articles from Joomla category and shows them at frontend as a Slider. All elements of the frontend interface could easily be changed at the backend.

 Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.0





  •  Support Joomla! 2.5 Native
  •  Show your joomla content and news
  •  Ordering options: order by joomla articles ordering, by creation date, by modified date
  •  Ability to use articles from joomla content categories multi-categories mode
  •  Limit Description Text, Limit Title
  •  Support content images with resize, link and float option (Left-Right-None)
  •  Ability to show / hide and position Read More and change with your own readmore text
  •  Changeable Frontend navigation elements: Next/Previous and More in
  •  Show/Hide Fade effect
  •  All front end elements easily customizable with CSS and backend settings
  •  4 colors for bottom navigation numbers (Red, Blue, Black, Grey)
  •  Click and Mouseover Event Type, Autorun Option
  •  Ability to show / hide More in text and change with your own
  • Display Options like Background color, Title color, Introtext color, Readon color etc.
  • Note:Images on remote server or remote site is not supported. Article images should be on your server.


 Admin Panel Settings  include;

  • Module Width
  • Module Height
  • Module Background
  • Padding
  • Category
  • Order News By (Recently Added -- Recently Modified -- Order)
  • Sort Order (Descending/Ascending)
  • Number of Items
  • Delay Time
  • Autorun (No / Yes)
  • Show Titles (No / Yes)
  • News Title Color
  • Limit Title Characters
  • Show Intro (No / Yes)
  • Introtext Length
  • Introtext Color
  • Show Readon (No / Yes)
  • Readon Text (Write your own text)
  • Readon Color
  • Readon Position
  • Numbers Panel Color
  • Previous Text
  • Next Text
  • More In (Show / Hide)
  • More In Text
  • Link images (No / Yes)
  • Width of Thumbnail (Px)
  • Height of Thumbnail (Px)
  • Image Float
  • Image Margin
  • Event type (Mouse Over - Click)
  • Enable Fade (No / Yes)


Vers 1.1
Title limit Type (word or character)
Introtext Limit Type (word or character)
Remote Image Support added
Little padding issue solved

Vers 1.0
Initial Release